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Anchor of Hope was established on the 23rd of March 2009 and is a non-profit umbrella organisation comprising of seven different divisions, each concentrating on its own field in the community of Bloemfontein.

Our aim is to restore the dignity of vulnerable people, irrespective of age, gender, ability, political background or race. Projects and programs focus on upliftment, development, restoring dignity and humanity, and providing a sense of worthiness and purpose. This is achieved by providing clothing, nonperishable food and support services through a network of organisations, projects, feeding schemes, counselling, awareness programmes, pregnancy home, men’s shelter and job preparation (and creation) projects.

Our vision is to expand our footprint nationwide with contributions of National Companies. Eight pillars of social impact receive our specific attention. These are: partnerships, welfare, skills development, the environment, individuals with disabilities, women, education and job creation

Eight Pillars of Social Impact

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