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We believe that each person is created as a whole being and too often persons with physical disabilities lead limited and deprived lives, not only physically but also mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our vision is to enable those with such disabilities to reach his or her potential in every aspect of their lives realizing that many are isolated because of a lack of funds; isolated by their enforced immobility and the shame of incontinence...





Our mission is to change their lives for the better so that they may reach their full potential by addressing to all their needs, not only physically, but socially and spiritual needs as well. This will be possible by assisting them in the duties they are unable to perform, supply them with basic necessities and being their voice.





Help starts with assisting the physical disabled condition.  We are used to seeing people in wheelchairs yet for every one we see, too many are immobilized and confined to a dark room. There they need the support and service of others for their basic needs. Often times there are no one to help them. It may shock you to know that the cost of a wheelchair ranges from R3800 and R25 000(electronic). One would like to help all these people and there are organizations in the Bloemfontein area. Right here in the heart of Die Rose Stad there are people confined to their rooms dependent and languishing. In addition to wheelchairs, many of them need electric wheelchairs and then the means to recharge he batteries to keep them running as well as various essential hygiene aids for their incontinence such as a continuous supplies of nappies. Before we even start one confronts that persistent bogey man of funds!  We have no intention to confront you with any sort of depressing bogey man. No! We are inviting you to have the pleasure of joining into the fun of experiencing how your funding changes lives and even if you wish, making new friends!  Even so, none of these changes and benefits is of much use if there is no spiritual care given to the persons emotional needs, their mental development including the changing attitudes, studying, etc. Pastoral care, finances, interest and a variety of help is needed.


Without a doubt their greatest depravation and need is LOVE!





Your support not only opens the door for them to leave the incarceration of immobility but to start a completely new life filled with challenges, prospects, experiences and also acquire knowledge and thus leading meaningful lives as they become trained and useful . Physical disability should not disable the whole person!