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My family

A year has come and a year has gone and the biggest blessing of all is that God protected each of us, not because He had to, but because He loved us. Mianze, my eldest, has finished her grade 11 year and has one more year left at school before pursuing her career, starting at the university. She is almost sure that she wants to be a teacher.  Minge, my youngest, wants to start her own day care and with all the things that are happening in our ministry, this will happen sooner rather than later. With Charmain all is well and she is very busy at the centre. In a nutshell we as a family are healthy and very blessed in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Pregnancy Crisis Centre of Hope

It was a very full and exiting year at the centre and we are moving towards very exciting times. The biggest news at this stage is that we opted to buy the house where we are renting at present to open a day care and “bridging” house for pregnant mothers. God has confirmed that the house will be ours through various scriptures to Charmain. It is now in the Hands of God and we must just pray, be patient and believe.  The centre is also hosting a course next year February to train volunteers on abortion. The centre is starting to fill its place in the Free State as a place of hope, love and life on the foundation of Jesus Christ. This centre is built on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ, our Anchor.

Cornerstone of the house we want to buy.

Evangelistic Outreach of Hope

Nolan, our evangelist, worked hard through the year, as for him to start to see the fruits of his labour. When we pitched the tent in Bloemside 14 months ago we started with 12 children, currently there are between 60 – 80 people every Sunday attending the service in the tent. As the ministry expanded God saw our need and somebody donated a bigger tent for us. We have not pitched the bigger tent as we are short of tent poles. I know that we will receive according to God’s timing. Nolan also took Evangelistic Outreach outside the borders of Bloemfontein to Kroonstad, Coligny and Petrusburg. We are in need of people that want to do children’s ministry on Fridays at the tent.

Children in the tent services

Talita Koeme

This is our ministry to the disabled, but is not active at this stage. The reason for this is that Melita was very sick and is still recovering.

Food and Clothing Bank

The food and clothing bank is growing in strength and is finding its key role in society. So many more organisations have applied for help from us and so many other organisations are helping us, bringing Bloemfontein as a whole together to help those in need. There are currently 45 organisations involved with Anchor of Hope. We are distributing almost 7000 pieces of clothes per month and 6 tons of maize.  The food and clothing bank has also moved outside the borders of Bloemfontein to places such as Wepener, De Wets Dorp, Petrusburg, Hob House, Excelsior, Winburg, Welkom, Henneman, Kroonstad, Brandfort and even the Northern Cape. Sometimes when I see the monthly reports it is like the 2 fishes and the 5 loafs of bread – A MIRACLE!   We are currently busy with our toy project where we wanted to hand out 500 toys, maize and sweets, BUT I never took into account the GOD factor and God blessed us so that we are going to hand out a 1000 toys, 1000 bags of 1kg maize, 750 x 2lt bottles of cool drink, 400 packets of chips and 400 packets of sweets.


We are currently busy with outreaches in the Bloemfontein area. We have done 4 and are planning another 4 outreaches. The outreaches consist of a movie night the Friday night where we show the Jesus film and the Saturday a service and we hand out clothes.

School Program

The school program is a wonderful way to get the gospel into the schools. We were fully booked for the 4th term and could not even accept all the invitations. We are looking at visiting two schools per term next year and sow the seed of abstaining  in the belief that the harvest will not only be souls for Jesus, but less abortions.


Please not that our videos are on YouTube and we also on Facebook

Blessings for you all

Boeta Swart